If you ask any DIYer what tools take up the most amount of space in their toolbox you can be guaranteed that most of them will tell you its screwdrivers.

As there is no such thing as one universal type of screw its important to have a wide variety of screwdrivers at your disposal.


Flat Type Screwdrivers

A flat head screwdriver is used for tightening or loosening screws that have straight or linear (slotted) notches in their head.

Not only are they the most common type of screwdriver to have, they are also one of the most common tools full stop.

A lot of household products, for example, furniture construction are put together using flat head screws.

Having a range of sizes in your toolbox should guarantee that all DIY construction is a breeze.


Phillips (PH) Type Screwdrivers

A phillips (PH) type screwdriver is used for tightening or loosening screws that have a cross / '+' recess in their heads. Phillips screws are commonly used in woodworking and construction. The common size marking on a phillips screwdriver is PH (with sizing beside e.g. PH1, PH2, PH3 etc.).


Pozidriv (PZ) Type Screwdrivers

A pozidriv (PZ) type screwdriver is used for tightening or loosening pozidriv type screws. PZ screws are very similar to phillips type screws but they include 4 more contact points for increased control and precision. These type of screws are extremely popular in Europe.


Torx Tamper-Proof (TPX) Type Screwdrivers

A torx tamper-proof (TPX) type screwdriver is used for tightening or loosening tpx style screws. Tamper-proof screws feature a star shaped recess with 6 rounded points and additional protection from unauthorized access designed for applications where tampering could be a problem.

Torz type screws are extremely popular with computers, electronics and mobile devices.


Teng Tools Screwdrivers

Unlike other brands the Teng Tools screwdriver blade has steel alloy wings that the plastic handle is moulded around. This allows for greater torque to be put on the screwdriver, ensures the blade is dead straight and stops the blade from moving in the handle.

All of our screwdrivers feature a two component grip handle for better support, increased comfort and improved power transfer.

They also feature TT-MV Plus steel alloy blades which give 20% greater capacity than standard screwdrivers. The blades measure a hardness of 59-61 HRC and is also a more flexible material.

Each handle also contains a hole for fall protection, for easy storage and for use as a T-handle.


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October 09, 2019