A New Era Is Born

More than a decade ago we set out with one goal, to create an all encompassing tool kit. One that contained every tool most people would ever need.

It had never been done before. Sure, fully loaded tool kits existed out in the wild but their contents were an absolute mess and being so large and so unorganized they actually ended up hindering their users instead of enabling them to get the job done. The kits may have been pretty from the outside but every one of those drawers contained a mish mash of items that were never designed to go together.

And this was the problem.

People wanted one giant kit to house all of their tools. One place where they could organize everything they needed in a hierarchy from top to bottom so that when they arrived at their workshop they knew exactly where everything was and could get to work / pick up where they had left off immediately without spending hours scouring their tool box drawers and surrounding floor area for misplaced tools.

We knew from the outset that if we were going to design and build an all encompassing one stop shop tool kit that it better be extremely well organized so that no matter if it contained over 1001 individual tools the user could find everything quickly and easily without wasting any time.


The Build Process

We started by scouring through our entire range of tools, combining sets that complimented each other and that would allow the user to pick up multiple related items at the same time.

For example, our socket set tool trays also contained matching ratchets. We wanted users to be able to pick out the sockets they needed for a job and to have the accompanying ratchet sitting right alongside it.

We also incorporated our unique tool organization process across the entire kit from top to bottom. Every drawer was filled with tool trays and each tool tray clicked together.

This was extremely important for a number of reasons.

Firstly, our tool trays ensured that every tool had its own specific place so that if a tool was ever misplaced the user would know immediately which tool it was.

Secondly, as all of the tool trays clicked together we were able to achieve total organization in every drawer.

We had achieved what had never been done before. We had created a fully loaded tool kit in a three stack system with over a thousand tools and every single item had its own specific place.



We even enlisted the guidance of professionals, both from automotive workshops and racing car teams to try out the new tool kit and put it through its paces.

The feedback was phenomenal. The workshop users commented that they were able to get more jobs done each day and that the organizational trays ensured that they didn’t spend countless hours each week looking for lost tools. The racing car teams commented that they were able to shave off seconds in the pitstop each time a driver entered.

The one final piece of the jigsaw that was missing was the name. Our new kit needed a title that conveyed its unique status and ushered in a new era of tool organization. And so we settled on the name ‘Mega Master’. The ultimate 1001 piece tool kit that contained everything most people would ever need, all in one system, all completely organized.

See the tool kit for yourself here.


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January 15, 2019
Tags: Tool Kits