There’s one burning question that everyone wants an answer to. Whether its on Facebook, Instagram, by email or over the telephone everyone wants to know one thing. 


What’s our warranty policy.

Its such an important question to ask but thankfully its a very simple one for us to answer.

We offer a lifetime warranty across our entire range. Yep. Lifetime.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve owned our tools. Whether they’re 5 years, 5 months, 5 weeks or 5 hours old, if there's a genuine issue with a tool and you let us know, we’ll do everything we can to get you back up and running as soon as possible.


How does our returns policy work?


All you need to do is snap a photo of the broken item, email it to us and we'll get a replacement sent out to you immediately.

Tired of waiting for a tool truck to come around only to find out that they don't even have the replacement tool in the back?

Yeah, we are too. That's why our policy is as simple as;

1. Picture

2. Replacement

3. Done!

Its important to us that your business never skips a beat and with our warranty policy we guarantee that it never will.


All the tools you need. All guaranteed.

All of our products meet, or surpass, the requirements in ISO, DIN, ANSI and other international standards. As an extra security, our lifetime warranty means that all Teng Tools products will be replaced or repaired should they break during normal usage due to a manufacturing or material fault.

I could continue typing but there really is no need. Our lifetime warranty is what we say it is. All the tools you need. All guaranteed.

November 07, 2018