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What Are Feeler Gauges Used For?

A feeler gauge is a hand-held tool used for measuring gap widths between two objects that are close together.

They are extremely popular with mechanical engineers as they require a very accurate clearance description between two parts where a caliper or tape measure would not be able to fit.

The feeler gauge tool itself consists of a variety of small lengths of steel (known as blades) of different thicknesses which have size measurements marked along each piece. 


You should always follow vehicle manual or part specifications to prevent damage.


What is the difference between feeler gauges and other measuring tools?

Feeler gauges provides the user with a visual clue of how wide a gap is as it physically fills the gap with it's metal blade.


Teng Tools Feeler Gauge

Here at Teng Tools we stock a professional quality 20 blade feeler gauge set which features a removable nickel plated spring, steel conical blades and a locking nut. It's measurement range is 0.05mm to 1.00mm.

Click here for full details.


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