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How To Use A Dead Blow Hammer

A dead blow hammer is a specialized mallet which absorbs tremors when the hammer strikes.

It is an extremely useful tool as it minimises damage to a struck surface and it's minimal rebound helps to avoid accidental damage to precision work, especially when working in tight areas.


Top Tips For Using A Dead Blow Hammer


1. Wear Safety Goggles

The head of a dead blow hammer is filled with steel balls to prevent the hammer from bouncing. However, the surface you are striking may be made of a material that could break upon impact. Therefore it is extremely important to always wear eye protection.


2. Only Use On Small Jobs

A dead blow hammer should only be used on short, small jobs. It's not meant for jobs that require a lot of force. The perfect setting for a dead blow hammer is when working on chassis repairs as well as minor flooring jobs.


3. Always Store In a Secure Place

Always make sure to store a dead blow hammer in a secure place in order to prevent unnecessary damage that might be caused by accidental dropping.


4. Never Strike With A Lot Of Force

Unlike conventional hammers, a dead blow hammer can be prone to breaking if it is used to strike a hard surface with a lot of force. Also, doing so on a continuous basis will greatly reduce the lifespan of the hammer (even if it does not break).


Teng Tools dead blow hammers are made from non marring rubber and feature heads filled with steel balls to prevent the hammer from bouncing as well as non-sparking soft faces.

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