Teng Tools Polyurethane Spark & Rebound Resistant Soft Face Dead Blow Hammers

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Product Details

  • [ REDUCED RECOIL ] Dead ball function using steel balls to cushion the shock which reduces the recoil felt by the user, making the hammer easier to control and reducing the risk of hand and arm fatigue.
  • [ MINIMIZED DAMAGE ] Non sparking hammer covered in polyurethane to minimize the risk of damaging delicate or finished surfaces when striking.
  • [ ELIMINATION OF BOUNCE ] Prevents bounceback by evenly distributing the force of the blow, ensuring that the hammer head stays in contact with the target.
  • [ QUIETER OPERATION ] Produces less noise compared to traditional hammers which is beneficial in environments where noise reduction is important or when working in close proximity to others.
  • [ INCREASED DURABILITY ] Resistant to chipping and breaking, resulting in a longer lifespan compared to traditional hammers.

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