Teng Tools 6 Piece Screwdriver Set (PZ, TX) - MD906N2

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Product Details

  • 6 piece Pozi and TX type screwdriver set.
  • Sizes: PZ1 x 75mm, PZ2 x 100mm, TX10 x 100mm, TX15 x 100mm, TX20 x 100mm, TX25 x 100mm.
  • Screwdrivers in the Teng Tools Range have steel alloy TT-MV plus blades which gives 20% greater capacity than standard screwdrivers.
  • This makes the shafts harder yet more flexible.
  • The bi-material handles are designed to suit either your need for power transfer or speed.
  • The handles are molded around the blade which ensures that all screwdrivers are completely straight and permits much larger wings on the blade (larger wings in turn create more torque).
  • The hole in the handles are for tool securing when working at height, for hanging or for use with a T Handle for extra torque.

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