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Teng Tools - 12 Piece TX Type Screwdriver Set - TEN-O-TTD912TXN

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  • TX drivers - TX type - TX 6 x 75 mm, TX 7 x 75 mm, TX 8 x 75 mm, TX 9 x 75 mm, TX 10 x 100 mm, TX 15 x 100 mm
  • TX drivers - TX type contd. - TX 20 x 100 mm, TX 25 x 100 mm, TX 27 x 100 mm, TX 30 x 100 mm, TX 40 x 100 mm, TX 45 x 125 mm
  • The handle has a unique ergonomically designed two component grip with greater volume to give better support, increase comfort and improved power transfer
  • Handle is molded around the blade to ensure it is completely straight and permits much larger wings for more torque
  • Hole in the handle for tool securing when working at height or for use as a T - handle
  • Steel alloy blade gives 20% capacity than standard screwdrivers
  • Lifetime Guarantee

The Teng Tools concept is based on each tool having its own place. Each TT set acts as a part in an organised system by being clicked together with other TT sets and fits perfectly in your service case, tool box or roller cabinet. No space is wasted and each tool sits perfectly in place. This means it is much easier to see whether any tools are missing at the end of the day.

5 Steps to Get Organized

  1. Choose storage: case/top box, middle box or roller cabinet
  2. Choose the TT- sets you would like.
  3. Take off the lid
  4. Click the sets together
  5. Place them in the storage!