Screwdrivers are one of the most commonly tools used but would you believe, they are also one of the most misused and abused hand tools of all.


Keep your screwdrivers in good shape with these top tips:


1. Never use a screwdriver to do another tools job

  • i.e. as a punch, pry bar or chisel. 
  • Doing so can damage the tools integrity and cause an injury.


2. Always carry screwdrivers in tool boxes or belts

  • A screwdriver tip is sharp.
  • If you carry one in your pocket you risk serious injury.


3. Never use a screwdriver for electrical work

  • Unless it is properly insulated.


4. Always keep the shank perpendicular to the screw head

  • Driving at an angle can cause slippage and damage to your work.


5. Never push a screwdriver beyond its capacity


6. Always make a pilot hole for a screw for easier driving


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September 03, 2019