Tool safety should always be a top priority. Not only will it increase performance but it provides protection to the user.


What are insulated tools?

Insulated tools are hand tools used by electricians to help protect them from electrical related accidents such as electrocution.

They are extremely important when completing any work on a live circuit. Insulated tools offer significant protection in situations where it may not always be possible to disconnect the circuit.

They are also useful in unexpected situations where you may be unsure if you are working on a live circuit. 

Without insulated tools you risk serious injury or worse.

Every professional should carry a range of insulated tools on them at all times. You never know where your next job may take you.


Teng Tools insulated tools

All of our 1,000 volt tools conform to or exceed all specifications that the relevant authorities have established.

Each tool is individually tested before it is marked with a special standard tag and a marking that indicates the year of manufacture.

The screwdriver shaft in the 1,000 volt range is covered with two layers of insulation in different colours that make it easy to see whether the insulation is damaged.

The blades are insulated before the handle is moulded, which makes the screwdriver safer.


Manufactured to the highest standard

All of our insulated tools confirm to the following official standards:

IEC 60 900 is an international standard for testing tools designed for electrical work on the production line.

DIN 60 900 is a European standard drawn up in 1995 and which states that each individual tool must be tested with regard to insulation for 1,000 volts.

VDE is an independent authority that tests and checks tools with regard to construction, production and packaging. 


What are our insulated tools tested for?

Insulation properties, i.e. resistance up to 1,000 volts in dry or humid environments.

Resistance to the cold i.e. how well the tool withstands the cold.

Durability, i.e. that the insulating handles do not come loose.

Resistance to fire, i.e. how well the tool withstands fire.

Insulation properties under pressure, i.e. how well the tool maintains its insulating properties when subjected to pressure.


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August 29, 2019